Service level metrics also help to put problems into perspective. While the cause may still need to be corrected, five mishandled invoices become less alarming if it is clear that another 20,000 were properly processed during the same period. On the other hand, a sudden increase in errors requires further analysis. And in an ALS related to demorration services, KPIs can measure: When customers provide specific levels of access to internal systems, exceptional BPO providers can even create dashboards that allow customers to display the power of the footage in real time. A credit dashboard could show, for example. B, how many invoices are being processed, where they are in this process and why some people are waiting to be processed. In terms of accounting functions, it is essential to close accounts in a timely and accurate manner in establishing accounts and reports leading to informed business decisions. There are several steps a BPO provider must take to hit its close-metrics. Instead of choosing one or two to highlight them, it covers all with an SLA mandate to successfully close the books within a specified time frame, ensuring that each step of the way is completed in a timely and accurate manner. How do you define your services when you enter new customers? Once you`ve spoken with your client, understood their business requirements and created an ALS, it`s time to unlock them for verification. If you both sign it, you can always reverse this agreement in case of confusion or dispute in the future. An ALS goes beyond your traditional engagement letter and provides a general framework for initiating other conversations that will bring you closer to the heart of your business.

If you`re taking over an accounting client for the first time, check your service offer and every step of the way. What are you doing, what is your client doing, and who is going to make this happen? If you offer something special or otherwise, you can use this ALS to sketch the differences and reflect your final price. Ultimately, this helps to provide a flexible accounting service, which revolves around flexible hours, holidays and holidays. For example, when the team and I visited Cambodia for a week, we let our customers know in advance and we managed their expectations carefully. If one of your members leaves the team, this customer relationship is throughout the team. It is a relationship with your company as a whole and not with a single accountant. The creation of this agreement is useful on many levels. First of all, it helps to delegate. There are things you are involved with as a founder, then as a senior accountant and junior accountant. Use ALS to leave your young people out of school, qualified AATs and managers. If you`re tired of accountants who like to watch appointments go by and don`t understand the impact of their accounting errors on your business, it`s time to call us. You can count on the professional virtual accounting services provided by

Your employees don`t sign SLAs. Independent contractors do not sign SLAs.