c. HubSpot demo account. If we provide you with a HubSpot demo account, then use the HubSpot demo account only for your own educational, demonstration and evaluation goals. You are not allowed to use it for other purposes. You cannot sell, distribute, license, sell or use the HubSpot demo account commercially. You do not use end-user data or customer data (as defined in the customer`s terms of use) with the HubSpot demo account. You can only use your own data (data and information you have) or the synthetic data provided by HubSpot for demonstration purposes. You don`t exceed the contact limits available to you in the HubSpot demo account and use a reasonable number of objects when using the HubSpot demo account. The customer`s terms of use apply to your use of the HubSpot demo account. As stated in the customer`s terms of use, you will comply with our terms of use legal.hubspot.com/acceptable-use with respect to your use of the HubSpot demo account. We reserve the right to suspend, modify or delete part of the HubSpot demo account at any time without notice, without notice. In the event of a conflict between the terms and conditions of the HubSpot demo account under this contract and the terms of use of the customer, the terms of that agreement are monitored. I understand that there are some ideas on this particular topic, but I wanted to “get out” of the functionality of potential contracts and agreements within HubSpot.

We recommend that recipients of e-mail messages sent via the HubSpot service report any suspicious violations of this AU by transmitting a copy of the email received with FULL headers to abuse@hubspot.com. We have a policy to review all of these reports and respond as we see fit. For example, we have a master`s contract that must list the parties. Once this master agreement is signed, we can, if necessary, find new agreements for endorsements, new territories or other special agreements. e.Effects of expiry/termination. At the end or expiry of this agreement, any certification granted under the Application Affiliate Program will be immediately terminated and you will immediately stop using our brand and remove from your website and other related documents all HubSpot certification badges and information and references from the application affiliate program. If, at the end or expiry of this agreement, technical assistance issues arise with a customer using a previously certified version of the company`s product, the parties agree to cooperate in good faith to address these customer issues. The termination or expiry of this agreement does not result in the termination of your subscription contract if you have one.

You will continue to provide economically appropriate assistance to customers for one (1) year after the expiry or termination of this Agreement. For many of us who use long form contracts and for the industry, we are in this is a necessary evil, but if we can establish contracts/agreements within HubSpot that during the bidding process, we can choose which agreement should be included.