Thank you for your assessment, Rhonda! We are very pleased to learn that we have been able to install a system to offset some of your growing needs! Looks like the registration was smooth and we have an agreement that worked for you! Congratulations on being green, and thank you for being part of the Sunrun family! If you sign a solar lease, you pay Sunrun a monthly “rent” in exchange for electricity; If you sign a PPP, you agree to pay a fixed rate per kilowatt hour (kWh) for the electricity generated by your solar panels. Like most other solar rental companies, sunrun-leasing and PPAs are usually 20-year contracts. With a contract to purchase electricity, you pay for electricity, not for panels.2 We not only install and wait for your solar installation, but we also guarantee its power, measured by the energy produced by your solar installation. Sunrun guarantees that your new solar system will never run at less than 95% of the estimated power. If the sun refuses to shine, or something breaks, and your plates don`t produce the electricity we promised, you`ll be reimbursed for the difference. Solar rental and AAA are still 20-year contracts. As with any other major financial commitment, shopping is the best way to ensure that the solar financing you choose is the best option for you. Receiving multiple offers from local solar installers on the EnergySage Solar Marketplace is a simple and free way to check all your solar options and find the best fit. Power Purchase Agreements (AAE) is a two-party contract that is a kind of third-party property (TPO). Electricity is purchased at a fixed price because the system is not owned by the owner of the house, but by the solar company. With a solar PPA, you agree with the solar company to pay per kilowatt-hour the electricity generated by the solar modules. In the example above, the annual increase is 0.99%, which means that the rate of 14.5 cents you pay per kWh will increase to 17.5 cents per kWh at the end of the 20-year contract. Sunrun offers customizable leasing, financing, purchase and PPP contracts, including no-down options.

Sunrun`s customers are generally satisfied with their solar installations, but note that the initial costs were high. With a solar lease or power purchase (PPA) contract, you don`t have to pay the high upfront costs for solar modules, equipment and installation. Instead of paying for a solar installation, you pay a fixed monthly amount for the electricity generated by the solar modules. It`s simple and affordable. You can also sign an Electricity Purchase Contract (AAE) instead of buying solar modules and paying for energy for years at a lower price than municipal utilities charge. Sunrun keeps the system on your roof for the life of the PPP. Sunrun Contact:Wyatt SemanekPublic Relations (480) 751-9286 I chose Sunrun because I did the homework and discovered that they were one of the main supporters of renewable energy and they had a pretty good record.