Ibidun Roberts: Oh, yes, it`s possible. The parties can always agree on their own, we can always go back and renegotiate. We just need to agree. The Union cannot insist. Management, the agency should agree with us. As long as that happens, we can renegotiate. So President Biden votes, as soon as he sits down, he can give that order. And we would be happy to go to the table and negotiate fairly. The Agency`s proposals deal with clauses that would allow executives to make unilateral discretion to make changes to the telework policy and would require the union to pay all arbitration costs, while deterring AFGE from choosing its own negotiators, according to AFGE`s submission.

That is why I come to the conclusion that, in light of section 44, VA Center cannot invoke the “thoughtful” doctrine to exclude negotiations on changes in the medium-term management of working conditions. Section 44 is a clear and clear waiver of the defence covered by the VA. The proposal significantly changes the way workers can work remotely and requires people with telework contracts to travel to their duty stations four days a week. People with compressed work schedules, z.B. Employees who work four 10-hour days per week would not be eligible for the program and employees would have to reapply every four months to work remotely. Next, we will determine whether the object is inextricably linked to Gage and whether Perkins was both heavily involved in the Section 44 negotiations. Your statement makes it clear that the parties intended to give the Union the right to negotiate at the local level all the issues dealt with in the treaty. Mr. Gage testified that the preliminary work of section 44 was set out “by” declarations of waiver of Article 43, in which the Union had the right to negotiate matters in its local endorsements already covered by the treaty. Mr.

Gage and Mr. Perkins also explained how the parties agreed that local unions should have the freedom to negotiate treaty matters because of the local changes expected as a result of the massive restructuring of the VA.