If you are installing your license on multiple platforms, save your new license.lic file to another location before continuing. Contact your MuleSoft customer manager or the muleSoft team to obtain an enterprise license in the form of a license.lic file. 6.7 Examination Fees. During the term of this Agreement and for at least two (2) years from the termination of this Agreement, Customer will keep accurate records of its use of the Open Source Software in accordance with this Agreement. MuleSoft or the persons designated by MuleSoft have the right to verify these records and to verify the completeness and accuracy of these records at any time during the period during which the customer is required to keep these records, in order to verify that the free software is used by the customer in accordance with the terms of this agreement, provided that: (a) MuleSoft cannot perform more than one (1) audit during a period of 12 months; (b) such review is subject to a mutually agreed confidentiality agreement (including any third parties that MuleSoft may use in connection with such an audit); (c) the test is carried out during normal business hours; and (d) MuleSoft will make economic efforts to minimize the disruption of Customer`s normal business as part of such an audit. Such control is carried out at the expense of MuleSoft, provided however that the customer immediately reimburses MuleSoft for the costs of this audit and all costs incurred if such an examination reveals a violation of this agreement. 12.9 Force Majeure. Neither party shall be liable to the other for delays or non-compliance with any obligation under this Agreement, if the delay or omission is due to unforeseen events occurring after the signing of this Agreement and which are not subject to the appropriate control of the Parties, such as strikes, blockades, wars, terrorism, disturbances, natural disasters, denial of license by the government or other government authorities; To the extent that such an event prevents or delays the party concerned from fulfilling its obligations and that party is unable to prevent or eliminate force majeure at a reasonable cost. No payment from you is due for licensed software. Complete the steps outlined above to install the new license on the Mule Enterprise Edition in the first step….