Proximus and EQT Infrastructure have signed a final partnership agreement setting out the conditions for the joint implementation of a fibre-optic network in Flanders. 1. Customer ID (= `customer number` on your invoice): the number unequivocally identifies you in the Proximus customer database. 2. Billing agreement (= `contract number` on your invoice): you will find this number in the upper right corner of your invoice. “Through Carrier`s billing, we offer our customers the opportunity to offer high-quality content from global brands with maximum speed and ease,” said Bert Maetens, Director of Carrier Billing Partner at Proximus, in the press release. “In an overcrowded market, it`s essential to provide them with high-end apps and subscription sites, as well as an easy way to pay for them.” These Agreements and the corresponding Annexes, as published on this website, have been submitted to the BIPT. 1. The first page contains the legal part of the invoice, which is called coverage. 2.

The secord part of the invoice lists the details of the call: national, international, mobile, etc. 3. The third section contains information about the rates and discounts you may have, as well as general information about our products and services. 4. The fourth section provides an overview of the services provided by telephone number. 5. The fifth and final part gives an overview of shared billing, the products and services you pay for others (for example. B for your employees in teleworking). These negotiations resulted in the signing of a final agreement specifying the conditions for cooperation. By closing their forces, Proximus and EQT Infrastructure, Europe`s leading investor in digital infrastructure, will be able to exploit the gains in know-how and efficiency in fiber optic development, as well as a significant acceleration and increase in fiber optic coverage in Flanders. At least 1.5 million Flemish homes and businesses will be connected to fibre optics as part of this cooperation in the coming years.

As part of the agreement, a new joint venture will be created between EQT Infrastructure and Proximus with the aim of designing, building and maintaining the network that will be open and accessible to all. Proximus will initially own 49.9% of the joint venture. PM Connect, a UK-based mobile payment company, has entered into an agreement with Belgian carrier Proximus to provide premium sports content from the NBA, WWE and an application optus through direct billing by carrier, according to a press release. Each invoice contains a billing agreement. We can arrange the billing agreement in different ways, for example. B per location, per product or a combination of both. The aim is to connect at least 1.5 million homes and businesses to fibre optics as part of this cooperation. The agreement enables Proximus to expand and accelerate the development of its open fibre optic network in Belgium. . The procedure for cancelling your mobile subscription depends on your situation: Matthias Fackler, partner and investment advisor of EQT Infrastructure As a leading investor in digital infrastructure, EQT sees the growing need for reliable and sustainable broadband access across the European continent.

Through this partnership, we look forward to enabling digital inclusion and sustainable economic growth in Flanders and in Belgian society as a whole. If you would like to switch to Pay&Go and keep your number, please contact our customer service or visit a point of sale near you. . . .