Article 31 of the list provides that the stamp duty on the letter of allocation of the shares of a proposed undertaking or undertaking is equal to one (note 1 /-). 4.6 The date of issue of the stamp document must not exceed 6 months from the date of the transaction. Where the industrial machinery is treated as a movable asset, the stamp duty to be paid in accordance with Article 20(5)(i) shall be three per cent (3%) of the consideration or market value of the good, whichever is greater. 4.8 Stamp duty shall be paid at the rates set out in Annex I. Depending on the instrument, it can be based on market value, surface area or various other criteria. In the case of instruments based on the market value of the immovable property, the concept of immovable property which is the subject of an instrument is the price that the property would have obtained if it were sold on the open market at the time of the execution of that instrument or if the consideration indicated in the instrument was indicated, whichever is higher. Seven percent (7%) if the value of the property exceeds the rupees, thirty Lakhs (r. 30.00.000 /-) and is at the place where the Kolkata Improvement Act, 1911 or the Howrah Improvement Act, 1911 extends. The rate of stamp duty is the same when the property is located in areas other than those referred to in clause (a). The sales agreement is also a document related to the sale and therefore falls under the article. R. 10 for each r.

500 or part of that amount (approx. 2% of the market value of the separate share or share transfer agreement is concluded between two parties if they wish to pursue a slump sale, if one company intends to sell one company to another in exchange for a lump sum consideration. The seller cannot choose any of the liabilities or assets, the entire transaction is transferred from one party to another with customers, assets, sellers, liabilities and assets, and the value of the derivative counterparty is not based on individual assets, but on the activity as a whole. There are two ways to structure a business transfer agreement – any other document regarding the transaction of shares is a document that deals with the sale of shares. According to a July 2020 report, the Tamil Nadu government will likely reduce stamp duty and registration fees for all leases older than 12 months. This is one of the conditions set by the World Bank for the financing of the Tamil Nadu Housing Sector Strengthening Programme. What is the stamp duty on the share purchase agreement and share transfer forms in Mumbai and Delhi If the transfer is related to immobile ownership, the stamp duty paid is twenty-five rupees for every five hundred rupees….