In LG`s User Agreement, you can disable tracking services and ads. I just broke down the other router. The TV then automatically recognized the correct agreement and the user agreement was downloaded. From here, made the latest update and then Netflix wouldn`t load without an update, jumping through the tires, couldn`t download. I tried everything and reset the factory settings and then the user contract. – Now, press “Home” on your remote control and select an app (preferably one you subscribe to like Netflix), you should see the error “user agreement can no longer be downloaded”. Hoorah! Google says Android TV as a platform doesn`t run ACR or monitor users for specific content. – Follow the screen process until you get to the point where you will be asked about downloading the LG User Agreement. Do it. This time, it should work for you to connect through the hotspot. I recently bought an LG 43UH610T TV. I am in Bali, Indonesia. Everything seems to work well, but when I click on one of the options like LGTV, YouTube, etc., I am told that I need to approve the LG Smart TV user agreement first.

However, I receive a message with the message “User agreements cannot be loaded – a server error has occurred…” I bought an LG 65UH6030 yesterday that also can`t load the user agreement. I tried the wired and wireless connection settings without luck. I can use LG`s built-in web browser, so I`m sure the internet connection is active. I noticed that the TV arrives with firmware 3.xx, while the last one is 4.xx. Try to update the firmware, and it also failed. Decryption error. Anyone have a similar problem? For me, even though I had entered the Wi-Fi password during setup, I also had to open the web browser (with the Home button) and open Google. Then the browser also asked for my Wi-Fi password. Then the user agreement, Amazon, etc., started working.

I made things worse by trying a factory scrap. Before, I could at least see the apps I had already loaded. However, I tried to “fix” my problem with a new app by following the online instructions and performing a factory scrap. In the end, I completely messed up, since the apps no longer work, because the user agreement cannot be downloaded. Why it says server errors when loading Internet usage agreements works well, please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE – Thank you for your suggestions. Worked diligently with LG on the ID issue, discovered that Best Buy didn`t mark that the TV was bad, and attached the Geek Squad Open Box certification on it. Here, the motherboard was roasted and could not connect to the service, basicl would have had to replace the entire brain of the TV to make it work. Bb contacted and an excellent manager there not only replaced the OB TV with the most recent version (it was last year`s model), but the price matched AND discounts for all the issues I went through to make sure there was no fixing error or easier user error. Thank you all! This limits the data Roku collects and disables ACR, although it does mean that Roku will not be able to provide the same recommendations for content.

These two represent the extremes among the systems we tested. Below are all with step-by-step instructions on how to take control of your data….